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Ukrainian Women as a lone wolf

It’s the story of a Ukrainian woman who lost her husband in this conflict and was internally displaced from their homes to a refugee camp along with their minor children. The lifespan of this turning event is very short. A woman's independent life is changed into a dependent journey within the few hours of this militarily clash. The husband of this woman was a soldier of Ukraine who participated in the war actively and got killed by a Russian offensive operation. But he left his minor children's responsibilities on the shoulder of this woman (lone Wolf). She becomes the lone wolf not by their choice but military establishment imposes these sufferings on women.

Everybody considers that the war industry is a men-dominated industry that brings suffering to Men that’s why it’s the men who have the right to decision-making related to war. I think it’s not true. Military conflict always brings sufferings for everybody but women do not participate in the war directly. But despite this fact, women are indirectly affected the most by the conflict. This lone wolf woman now has to find a suitable home for their child, she has to arrange food for their refugee child, and she has to struggle to cope with health issues. These all tasks and duties were performed by their husband before the Russia-Ukraine war. The lone wolf has no experience related to these jobs because she never imagines that she has to work outside the home to fulfill their basic survival needs. She had a rich experience related to household work but she has to suffer due to these crises.

It’s the example of ground level that we are not able to count the suffering of those women who left everything behind due to this conflict and migrated from their safe zones to a refugee camp with nothing. These women are the true heroes who fought against these sufferings with bravery, not the armed soldiers. That’s why, we have to ensure women's representation in decision-making related to conflict de-escalations, conflict prevention, and conflict management because women have different experiences in this conflict.


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