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Child in Armed Conflict

Life is unpredictable for everyone. I started believing in this phrase when a life-changing incident happened in my life. It was Sunday when I was trying to prepare for a quiz and heard the first gunshots of my life. It sounded in such a way that I wish nobody in the world should ever hear, but due to the pressure of my studies, I tried very hard to concentrate on my studies. It was the last quiz which I had prepared.

Russian troops bombed my school in Kharkiv, and there was a hole in our classes due to a bomb blast. This incident changed my life, and I was locked in my house; there was an environment of threat everywhere. It seemed like death would either snatch my closed ones or me. Our routines, our fun activities, everything just got escaped. It looks like life before the war was a dream. These were days when we didn't have to hold pens and pencils and didn't have the anxiety of being called up to the board to solve math exercises. Russian Invasion snatches our rights to primary education and learning.

Children like me, like the children around the world, go into hiding places, into refugee camps. The children who had to run the country's future were killed and traumatized. They were those with whom the end of their lands and the world belonged. If we are lucky enough to have survived or escaped this nerve-breaking war, the recovery period from this trauma would be very long because we have lost peace and everything from our life. Children rescued from the war faced many consequences even though they had to survive for basic needs like food and shelter. So it prolonged our lives.


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