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Newly Wed Couple

News had been circulating on TV that Russia had started shelling our country. It was heart-wrenching news; there had been hundreds of deaths. There had been a shortage of food, medicines and other essential items. And there was an emergency everywhere. Ambulances were wandering here and there. Mothers were waiting for their beloved children, and Wives were waiting for their husbands. All news channels were covering the devastating effects of war. It was a situation that seemed like the world is going to an end. People were running and crying, and the noises of that bombing and shelling were heartbreaking.

Furthermore, in the circumstances, a couple was newly married like all the couples worldwide and dreamed about their life. They had many imaginations, like how they would spend their life. It was the day of 24 Feb 2022 in Luhansk Oblast when Larysa was waiting for her husband in her apartment. Her husband left her in the morning because he had to do something meaningful in the office.

She was waiting for her husband when she heard the noises of shelling, and everything was on fire. It seemed like the world was ending; it was a resurrection scene for her. She turned on the TV to see what had happened. After Turing on TV, the remote control had fallen from her hands. She fell to the floor due to the news of a destroyed building due to a military operation. Yes, it was the same building where her beloved husband left her in the morning.

She became unconscious and had a nervous breakdown. After seeing the news, she was clear why her husband had not called her for so many hours. Why he had not sent her messages, he was missing her. Why was his phone turned off? Her life without him was nothing but an end. Her dreams of a future life would not go to pursue anymore.


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