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Alex was born in 2005 in the small village of Sumy, Ukraine. Alex's father is a soldier in the Ukrainian army, and his mother is a housewife. He had been a brilliant and resourceful child from childhood. God had given him sparkle in his eyes, and whoever saw him would say that one day Alex's coin would rule the world, and his name would know the world.

Alex's parents' only passion was that he become a successful man of reading, of which the whole nation could be proud. Therefore despite poverty, he was admitted to a boarding school for a good education. Alex began to assert his skills in curricular and extracurricular activities. He was also the monitor of his party and had leadership skills. Alex's parents were delighted with his performance and convinced their son would be a great man. And he would play a positive role in society.

But ironically, when Alex passed middle school, war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. Alex's residence was close to the border, and the government ordered that all people be transferred to refugee camps as soon as possible. Alex's father was on duty at the edge. Alex and his mother collected some essential items and left everything to go to the refugee camp to avoid being bombed by Russian forces. With tears in his eyes, Alex left his hometown, school, and books with his mother.

On the way, Mountains of trouble fell on everyone, including mother and son. Alex's mother suffered from the rape in front of the children, and he was beaten and kept shouting, but no one could save his mother from the beasts. It was all in his heart and mind. His blood was full of hatred for Russia, and he wanted to take up arms and annihilate the Russians, but that was not possible. They reached the camp in the dead of night, trembling through the woods.

In the refugee camp, they experienced the hour ending on earth. I'm moaning. Someone is starving and thirsty; someone is shivering from the cold; someone is running helplessly in the hands of disease; someone is lamenting the death and loss of their loved ones. The scene of doomsday is visible everywhere.

Alex feared the loss of education, his father's love and the fear of orphans, the persecution of his mother, seeing his dreams shattered, bored with his head in his mother's lap, abusing the Russian army for tears in his eyes and hatred was rising and he said to his Lord, "God! When will the time come when oppression will end, and justice will prevail in this world? When will love be the religion of people and the forests of hatred be set on fire? When will the coin of peace and stability be gone? O, God! How long will poverty be sold in the markets? When will the light of love spread four hundred times?

How long?

"Alex's mother kisses him, saying that the time is near when the darkness of hatred will disappear, and there will be love, prosperity and goodwill everywhere. And you will complete your education and meet your father and teach love to everyone that time is near, Alex!

  • abdulrehmanc

This morning, in school, there was an announcement waiting for him. From next week they used to celebrate sports gala in his school. He was captain of the football team and was very excited to play in this tournament with seniors, juniors and colleagues. His teacher was confident in seeing him as an international player due to his outstanding performance in school tournaments. He had many dreams for the future and was very excited when he told this news to his parents. They planned to vacation after this tournament and wanted to celebrate his success through a grand party with his friends and teachers.

The next day he found his parents dead in a drone attack, his school demolished, and his future destroyed due to war. He was in a refugee camp where he needed to survive in tough conditions with harsh realities. He had a keychain and a family picture as a memory; he used to look at these memories with a shattered mind. He was stressed, broken and helpless among many strangers and far away from his country, home town and school.

In the war, children suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. They lost everything, including family, friends, hometown, country, future, and identity. Now he was on a journey to find a way to keep alive him. He was cold, and his heart was anguished. He wants to hug his mother to take motherly warmth and find courage in his father's face. He was hungry and wanted to eat his favourite food with his friends in the school canteen just like old days. He was frightened that he could never go to school and would not spend a cherished life. He wants courage and teacher appreciation, as in his old golden days. He is devastated by fate and feels helpless in a strange world.

Some days ago, he had a bright future, a caring family and a good life, but now, he was worried about his future in a different country. He doesn't know that country's language, people, or education system. In the past, he lost his fate, and now he is struggling with life to survive a bit more.

Sometimes, he thinks about his cosy bedroom when he slept in the refugee camp and missed his home. He was mentally disturbed and lost; don't find a familiar person in the refugee camp. Food is not enough for everyone; some are ill or injured and can't find medicine at that time. Some of them are affected by pandemic diseases, can't find proper care and medication and waiting for death in a stranger country among stranger people. He sees many children his age who share the same fate in this refugee camp. All had a painful background and lost their homes, hopes and searches for a reason to live. No one cares about them anymore; they are in awful conditions.

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