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Story of Ukrainian Girl, War, and Migration

Word "War" whenever we hear this, suddenly a thing comes to our mind that is destruction. War is something that destroys cities, communities, and families. The countries which are affected due to war tend to face the emigration of a large population to other countries. War has severe consequences on people's lives, especially children.

I study in a school in Romania where our teacher told us a new student got admission to our class and we have to welcome her and make her feel good. It was the day of June 15 when a girl came to our class and introduced herself. She told us that she migrated from Ukraine and explained how Russian blasts destroyed their happy life and family.

She described that her father died during the Russian military operation. She walked for many hours to reach there with her mother and siblings. We were helpless, scared, and had no idea where to go, whether we would live this life anymore or taste death during these crises. Moreover, she added that she could not be able to describe the feelings in words. Moreover, her mother faced these crises and how deeply she was scared during the migration.

She was in tears while explaining the whole incident. Furthermore, she added that she had a beautiful home in Ukraine, used to go to school, and played with friends. Life was going smoothly and peacefully before this so-called intervention of Russia.

After she completed this story, I wondered how the war had changed the feelings of that child at this age. Even though now she is safe after the migration. Nevertheless, is she able to cope with this mind-wrenching incident? The answer is no because it is a very prolonged process to get over this awful experience of war in life.


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