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Story of A Ukrainian

I live in a city where there is much less military action than in other cities. I often saw how enemy missiles explode in the sky, a couple of missiles nevertheless hit in our city, but we do not disseminate information about this for security reasons. Residents of our city often hear a siren, we can distinguish the sounds of air defense from the sounds of explosions by ear. Most often, they try to attack us at night so that we cannot sleep. I am a volunteer, but now I have little strength to help. Mentally tired. And the money is almost gone. I have to think about how to feed myself.

Let me tell you a little about what volunteers do. Since it is calmer in our city than in others, refugees from other cities come to us. A lot of people in the city have become volunteers, they want to help with all their hearts in any way they can. Someone weaved camouflage nets for our military, someone cooked food for refugees, soldiers and everyone in need. Someone organized the collection of necessary things for the soldiers, someone collected the necessary medicines. My family prepared food for the soldiers, sewed pillows, blankets and sleeping bags from any materials at hand, we collected the necessary things and delivered them to the soldiers. I managed to arrange the delivery of insulin, painkillers, bandages, baby food and diapers from another country. Other countries help our country financially. It helps a lot, but this money is spent on buying ammunition and military equipment. Without this, we will not survive. But there are too many people who want to defend the country, our soldiers lack military uniforms, body armor, helmets, thermal imagers, sleeping bags, shoes, socks and much more.

Civilians independently buy these things for our soldiers at their own expense, which is why there are so many volunteers among Ukrainians. After all, every soldier is someone's husband, son, brother, father, and they must be provided with everything necessary so that they return home alive. Ukrainians united and help each other. It's inspiring.


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