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  • Maxym

On the night of February 24, I slept peacefully with my girlfriend without realizing that the next month would seem like hell.

At 5 am I woke up to the fact that my windows began to shake. When I opened the window, I heard many explosions near my house. I began to panic, I collected all the things that fit in my hands and left with my parents. One of the photos is my school. There you can see the concert hall in which a couple of years ago I had a graduation ball.

Now many sit in the subway, where it is cold and damp. Someone sleeps in a tent, someone in a train car, and someone just on the floor.

Volunteers bring food every day. A few quotes from children who sit on the subway:

"Mom, how many more bombs does Putin have?"

"Mom, if our house is destroyed, will it be possible to get my Lego out of there?"

"Mom, it's good that the war started early in the morning, otherwise the children would have

time to go to school." "-Mom, I don't care about the bombs, let's go home."

"Mom, do Russian children watch the war? do they feel sorry for us?"

"if the war is long, dad will not forget us?"

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