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Selling NFTs to help


Buy our Ukrainian culture-depicting NFTs for 0.1 ETH (180 USD), in which all revenue will be donated to respective refugee-aiding organisations

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Donate to receive

Free NFTs

Donate to these respective refugee-aiding organisations to receive Ukrainian culture-depicting NFTs from us as a token of appreciation


Refugee-aiding Organizations

 1. Samaritan's purse 

 Running of temporary refugee hospitals in western Ukraine
 2. World Hope International 

 Aid in relocation of refugees to Moldova with provision of basic needs
3. Center for Disaster Philanthropy

 An on-warsite agency running on cash donations to provide for refugees
4. A Chance in Life

 Provision of housing, clothing, education and counselling for refugees
 5. CARE 

 Provision of food, water and other items to families fleeing violence from Ukraine
6. Convoy of Hope

 Provision of meals to refugees entering Poland
7. Doctors Without Borders

 Staffed with multiple medical relief teams responding to the refugees' needs
8. Red Cross

 Ukrainian Red Cross in helping those impacted by the war
 9. International Medical Corps 

 Provision of medical and mental health services 
 10. Internews

 An independent media with at-risk journalists in Ukraine
11. Keep Ukraine's media going

 A large team of war journalists around Ukraine 
12. Kyiv Independent

 An English-language news site in Ukraine
13. The 762 Project

 An information-garnering source of Russia's troop buildup along Ukraine's border
14. Project Hope

 Provision of medical supplies
15. Razom for Ukraine

 Provision of medical supplies and tactical medicine items
 16. Sunflower of Peace

 An agency for medical and humanitarian aid

Refugee-aiding Organizations

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